Baby Sweater, Kid Socks, Some Books

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Tomtem in mostly Dale Baby Ull for a friend/coworker, baby shower next Tuesday.  I still have 2 sleeves and the button band to knit – I’m off to Laurel Books soon!  Baby will be born in June and won’t need a sweater for quite a while yet.

Imagine the light green with dark blue and turquoise stripes here, but knit as a Tomtem.  (This is the Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman, knit for another baby shower.) (ETA: Hmm, the picture is no longer here.  ???  But if you hold the mouse over it, the picture shows up in a funny window. But not if you click on it. I’ll have to figure this out again, I see.)

 baby surprise jacket

Tomtem is in both Knitting Without Tears and The Opinionated Knitter, by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I’m enjoying the knit, but I had to rip back and fix sloppy knit on edges and my poorly though sleeve decreases.

Finished!  My carry around project – knee high socks for the kid.  He chose the yarn and the length.  Yarn – Regia Nation in red, green, white stripes.   He picked the yarn for the Christmas colors.  And the socks work for watching Liga Mexicana futbol con papa.

The kid told me, “if socks go all the way up, all the way up to the underwear, then they’re tights.”  I think he’d like some fun crazy striped tights, but he’s too aware of the gendered dress codes (already so strong in preschool) to wear them.

I notice he’s started playing “battle” with makeshift swords and guns made from whatever’s at hand.  That’s what I get for letting him watch Loony Tunes.  No ripping back to fix regretted parenting.

          Recently read:

Pamela Aiden, An Assembly Such As This – I’m waiting for the next two books in the trilogy, just ordered from Laurel Books.  This is about Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Aiden does a nice job of writing within Austen’s world without trying to be Austen.  Aiden uses snippets of conversation lifted from Pride and Prejudice, but puts them in a different perspective.  Smoothly done.  A very few awkward spots in the book.  Overall very enjoyable.  I started it with trepidation.  I’ve only read one other book using Jane Austen (Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife), which I didn’t like at all.

Georgette Heyer, The Reluctant Widow

A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh, Chapter V In which Piglet meets a Heffalump


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