The freeway fell down again today.

Two of the ramps in the maze on the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge are down.  And somehow no one died.  Very lucky timing – fairly early today, Sunday.  And the driver walked away – the driver of the tanker that rolled over and exploded.  Incredible.  (That sounds like he’s unhurt – he’s not.  I heard second degree burns.  Still incredible.)

Luckily for me, a very localized disaster I don’t have to work on.

Yes, of course I drove by later today.  But I planned to see my grandmother in Marin, so I was rubbernecking legitimately.  Strange sight to see a section of freeway hanging sideways.  *Shudder* 

And I bought some yarn on the way home.  You see, I had to avoid the really horrible traffic, so I had to drive surface roads, and of course the only possible way (wink wink) is past Article Pract on Telegraph.  I fell into the new stock of solid color Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.  And a skein of Rio de la Plata superwash merino sock yarn (100 g) came home with me to try, and Nature’s Palette fingering weight from Hand Jive  too.  Woops!


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  1. Kmom

    And so it begins… Am looking forward to keeping up with your new writing forum, and getting to see pictures of your knitting and whatever else you manage to post. Brady is here and has your blog address–and will probably be reading what’s been posted so far before heading home. Solids at ArticalPract at last! Hurray!! Any plans yet for the HandJive? Socks for the others, I presume… Go, Gwen!!!

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