Mis Reglas

I was driving up 14th Ave the other day and saw a small billboard – picture of a young woman standing facing forward, hand straight out with remote control, and written

Mi Television

Mis Reglas

And I immediately thought, ” y que tiene que ver uno con el otro?” because for me “regla” casi siempre quiere decir la menstruacion.  A block or so later, I figured it out after I translated it into English.  Silly little billboard.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks menstruation before rules!  Bilingual marketing can be odd.  It’s usually obviously translated from an English slogan (or whatever that word is for marketing phrases).  I know the days I speak English using Spanish words my speech is particularly awkward (not exactly translating, but thinking with English sentence structures and phrases).  And when I was taking Spanish literature classes and writing papers in Spanish, it was always painfully clear which papers had been written in English first then translated (and so much more work than just doing it in Spanish first!).

Baby sweater – hopefully to be finished in two weeks, when I have almost 2 days of meetings which require nothing more than listening.  And now I’ve said it out loud!  I need buttons…

And just for fun, Emily Dickinson, from Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson, 1993 Tor

You cannot put a fire out;

A thing that can ignite

Can go, itself, without a fan

Upon the slowest night.

You cannot fold a flood

And put it in a drawer,-

Because the winds would find it out,

And tell your cedar floor.

(Now how do I tell this thing I want single spacing after the enter key?)


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One response to “Mis Reglas

  1. Kmom

    If you are wanting a single space within the poem, although it might be proper, I like it double spaced for the ease of reading it. An age thing? Probably. You know my age….

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