Whitby sock in progress photo shoot


Ah, a little quiet time in the morning before the hordes wake up.  Yes, the kid is hordes all by himself.  The husband hides from the hordes too.  I think he already left to deal with smog check stuff for the umpteenth time this renewal.  Pictured –  the sock of course, well-used mug gifted from my brother (hi brother of mine!), and reading (the most wonderful nursery ever, Annie’s Annuals in Richmond).


Closest to true color here.  This is where I am as of right now, an inch or so away from starting the toe shaping.


A decent view of the pattern.  Oh, how I love this pattern!  I’m in the middle of a paradox.  The pattern is so much fun to knit that I knit it a lot and quickly, which means I will finish it quickly and no longer be knitting.  I should slow down so I have more enjoyment.  But sometimes I seem to knit the way I read.


Of course I’m not knitting the sock strictly to pattern, as good as Nancy Bush’s pattern is.  I’m trying out Meg Swansen’s Form-Fitted Arch from her book Knitting and I added the “loving swath/arch shaping” to the foot.  Um, not exactly as written, but to fit my knitting.

Recap:  Whitby from Nancy Bush, Knitting on the Road in Louet Gems fingering weight.  1.75 mm (00) Inox DPNs.  Gauge 16.5 st / 5 cm (2 in), 23.5 rows / 5 cm (2 in) taking into account measuring inaccuracies. 


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