Whitby sock notes; Mothers’ Day happened

One sock finished with ends woven in and the second cast on yesterday.  Yippee!

The heel is just a little too tight and the toe is a smidge short (but not enough to redo).

The second sock needs a longer heel flap and probably 2 more rows in the toe shaping. 

Who says both socks have to be equally imperfect?

The kid and I had lunch with Mema (my 101 year old grandmother) for Mothers’ Day.  Ongoing confusion this visit.  I’m not sure Mema expected us.  But she did expect two other people (who were probably us) and wanted to wait for them before eating.  The staff in Assisted Living can be quite good.  Yesterday, he adroitly sent us to lunch with assurances that he would bring down her other guests when they arrived.  And at lunch, she wanted to wait to order until her other guests arrived.  Luckily, she persuaded herself that the kid needed to eat, and they would understand if we started without them.  The kid behaved decently, but not angelically.  We had Frazzled Gwen for dessert.  After lunch, the kid had a good time rolling golf balls around outside and making pretend phone calls (he’s Templeton from Charlotte’s Web and needed to communicate a lot) inside.  We didn’t get in the car until about 3.  Got home, and my brother-in-law’s family was in the backyard.  Frazzled Gwen had unkind thoughts.  The kid disappeared immediately with his older cousin and I left them to wreak havoc (on top of normal house havoc-ness) while I eventually settled down and enjoyed myself with unforeseen guests family.  A beer helped.  I’m so glad I cleaned the bathroom and washed dishes Saturday night!  Too bad the rest of the house was (and is), as previously stated, havoc.

Saturday, we went to a birthday party. 


Not a restful weekend.


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