Friday, Friday

So good to me…

Busy work week.  Nearly two full days of meetings.  Thursday was all day in San Francisco, so the kid was dropped off at a friend’s house to get to and fro school.  And I got to ride BART!  And Muni!  I was swept along in the river of regular commuters and somehow emerged at the right bus stop without walking around a few blocks looking for it.  Not being a regular public transit commuter, I feel like I’m in the way of people who don’t even have to think about where they’re going.  And I probably am. 

Wednesday – wasted time meeting.  And the Tomtem sleeve I worked on Wed, I had to rip back on Thursday.  Damned dropped stitch three inches back.  Thursday – very good meetings.  I didn’t knit to stay awake.  I knit during the morning, large sessions (couldn’t see the screen or the speaker very well anyway).  I attempted to pull up the dropped stitch, but had trouble getting it right in garter stitch and it would’ve looked bad anyway.  So, out it went.  I’m ready to bind off the sleeve.

Recently Read(ing)

Robin McKinley Dragonhaven (an ARC lent me by my favorite bookstore Laurel Books).  Young adult novel.  I’m still reading it.  The story is fascinating.  But I find the style tedious to read.  It’s all first person explication, recounting something that already happened.  Robin McKinley is a good writer, but this one I’m not enjoying so much.  I will finish it because I want to know the story.

Do I have to go to work?  Whine, whine.


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