Tomtem second sleeve pickup detail

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And here’s a closer look at that second sleeve beginning.  I picked up the vertical sides of the armhole and I’m knitting out from that.  Each right side row, I knit each side of the sleeve together with one stitch front and back bottom armhole (stitches waiting on stitch holders).

Pattern – Tomtem Jacket – Knitting Without Tears and The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  The directions are a little different in each book.  What I’ve done for the sleeves is pick up the 56 armhole stitches, add 1 at top center, knit 14 ridges, then decrease 2 stitches each side of center stitch every third ridge until down to 29 stitches.  Then I added a ridge of contrasting color and bound off purlwise from the right side.  The first sleeve was redone because I wasn’t paying attention to marking garter ridges well and decreased every 2 ridges instead.  Odd looking sleeve.  Now much better (see post below).


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One response to “Tomtem second sleeve pickup detail

  1. Kmom

    Who is the jacket for? Do you have buttonholes? I just read Zimmermann on buttonholes in kwt. Hilarious and amazing; I want to knit a swatch and make lots and lots of buttonholes!

    I wonder what you would think of the recording of J Jackson’s Gods in Alabama. The reader is excellent, but has one of those little-girl southern voices. Not sure that’s what I’d have heard in my head if I’d read it first. Also, there is scary music every once in awhile. Very scary. The music always gets me–heart pounding and wondering if I should wait for daylight. Good gracious. I’m hooked, though, and can’t hardly turn it off to get some sleep.

    Good pictures! Took a little configuring of the brain to figure out the sleeve pickup detail–but having the previous photo helped. And following the stripes helped, too.

    Talk to you later. I get to go home early, early today. Will be cruising the nurseries on the way!

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