A short history of socks, part the Kid

Originally uploaded by rnflaka.

The very first socks I ever knit – first on the left.  I used the Classic sock pattern from Nancy Bush Folk Socks.  I made it hard for myself – knit with one strand DK weight and 1 strand sock weight.  Not too bad, until I started the heel turn.  I reknit a few times until it seemed to work, and it did.  The Kid still likes to wear them.  I’ll have to make another thick pair for him one of these days. 

I knit them more or less in order left to right.  The green and blue socks I unvented intarsia in the round to add a snake to the foot.  I think of these as the “Ai la culebra” Beny More socks.  (Si me muerde los pies, yo no puedo trabajar…)

The last two pair are “tall socks,” long by request.  The Xmas/Mexico colored socks were finished when the weather warmed up.  He may never wear them, but they’ll work for Xmas stockings.


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  1. Kmom

    Aaack! Great pictures! I just happened upon the entire series of photos, with the many additional sock pics. Glorious socks all. Hope Jane gets to see hers. I’ll be sure to mention it to her when next we speak. (Been listening to Austen’s Emma and it, or should I say she, has a strange influence on my own speech patterns.)
    Rain today! A little more, at least. And tomorrow, they say. Our drought level has been rated “exceptional”–the term I couldn’t remember when we spoke this am.

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