Plans Frustrated

Woe is me.

I scheduled myself a vacation day today with the wispy hope I could see the Yarn Harlot in Petaluma tonight.  Unfortunately, I’d be home much much too late for a work/school night.  As I said, it was a wispy hope.  No matter – my work week so far has been such that I needed a day, more than I usually need a day.  This morning I happily made plans with myself – a massage scheduled, then to buy a floaty suit so the Kid can swim without barnacling to me, then to Lacis (by myself! with time!) for wandering, a few work phone calls, buttons for the baby sweater, and the Kid’s friend taking him home after school today. 

Instead, I have a sick kid (who feels fine but must be kept out of school/childcare).  Nuts. Peanuts. Walnuts. Donuts.

As annoyed and angry as I am about that guy on the plane (and I’m professionally annoyed), I know how hard it is to consider the health of others over our own pressing priorities (my massage!).  I work as a public health nurse.  My job is to stop the spread of infectious disease, to protect the public (that’s everybody, not just some of us).  And I had a hard time keeping the Kid home.  It was only a teeny bit of diarrhea fart!  But.  Diarrhea.  No school.

Since I’m home, maybe I’ll finish a sock (yay!) and work on the baby sleeeeeeeeeve.  And some photos of same.  And a work phone call I need to make (I’ve been taking calls all day)…


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