A short history of socks, part II

My socks.  (One of these days I’ll have the photo sizes consistent.  I have one or two more drafts with photos uploaded before I switched to the larger size from Flickr.  Which I like better.  Oh well.)

The very first adult socks I made are the blue ones on the right.  I made them both at once on 2 circulars, maybe size 2, and paid no mind to gauge.  They are good slippers now.  Maybe Regia yarn?

The blue-purple socks I knit toe up with short row heels.  Now I know short row heels don’t fit me well.  Regia yarn, with heel and toe in the blue from the earlier socks.

Sock on the right I knit from a class with Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks.  Calf shaping.  Welsh heel.  The yarn is Brown Sheep NatureSpun (I think, I’ll come back to fix later as needed).  Finally!  A better fit! 

I made a perfectly fitting pair in Koigu, but I gifted them away.  Silly me!  I’ll be doing another pair from the same pattern for me me me!  (Lichen ribbed socks, Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks.)

I love Nancy Bush.   Nice, well-written patterns.  Historical context.  I really want to take an Estonian lace class from her some day. 


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