Syrian Shawl, in real life!

A view of the Kid’s shawl in use by a real person.  If it’s cold in the morning, he’ll put it over his legs in the car.  But usually he gives me permission to use it.  Great for a cool summer morning or those good days warm outside, breezy and cool inside.

Syrian Shawl, without the edging, from Jane Sowerby Victorian Lace Today, knit with two skeins Koigu KPPM, color chosen by the Kid for my birthday to knit him a shawl.  The second photo shows the drape, if I’ve blocked it out after washing.  If I dry it flat without spreading, it’s cushier (of course that’s a word! and spelled correctly too).  It’s small, but remarkably usable this time of year.

I’m very happy with the pattern and yarn together.  Simple enough not to fight with the colours, but with more interest than a plain garter stitch triangle.  Looks completely different in fingering weight than in lace weight – much less elegant.  Good for a Kid and his mom.  It (probably) won’t tear apart under my daily backpack.

Oh listen!  Firecrackers!  Or gunshots?  No, definitely firecrackers.  An observation or two: 

1) Despite being clearly white and mostly middle class for a good number of years, gunshots are familiar noises from my childhood.  Deer hunting season, you know.  Echoing rifle shots across the valley and wearing hunter orange out of the house.  We were killjoys – posted land.  Mostly people were respectful, and they’d ask permission.  Given if they were following a wounded deer.  All very predictable.  Now I live in Oakland and sometimes we hear firecrackers and sometimes we hear gunshots.  Usually not rifles, and no season, and wearing hunter orange probably wouldn’t help much.  Fourth of July is interesting (lots of home fireworks in the neighborhood), and oh hell I just remembered we’re getting close.

2) White folks living in the more affordable areas (code for impovershed, and tragically [not overstated] we live in a racist society so more people of color live in poverty) of Oakland (and probably every other city), have a tendency during gatherings to compare notes on the most dangerous places they/we have lived.  (Did you follow through all the parentheses?)  Not to say any of us don’t have our own legitimate histories of poverty.

3) I knit a few more rows of sleeve on the baby sweater!  I’ve also started and ripped out several things in the last few days, because I might actually finish the baby sweater if I work on it.

Here you can see where the sleeve stitches are knit together with the armhole stitches.  I do both the front and back sides on the right side rows.  I experimented a bit with SSK and K2tog and K2togTBL and I’m not entirely sure what I’m actually doing.  But it seems to work without leaving gaping holes.  I’m about 3 ridges from the end of the armhole now.  (Tomtem Jacket, Elizabeth Zimmerman)

4) The baby sweater is not finished.



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