Why did this skein come home with me?

Zitron Trekking XXL, colour 136. 

As I knit this sock, I wondered why on earth did I pick up this skein?  I liked the colours individually, but wasn’t sure about quite all of them together. 

Then the Kid came over with a book for me to read.  When I finished, I saw why I like this yarn – one advantage of knitting and reading together.  Disadvantage – poking the Kid with DPNs.  (The quilt was mine when I was a Kid.)

Ack!  This post interrupted by an orange juice spill!  Nuts!

Hmmm…  Orange picture, orange juice across the table…

The sock is based on a Nancy Bush pattern, from a workshop on knitting vintage socks.  Includes leg decreases, Welsh heel.  1.75 mm/00 DPNs.  Have you ever tried to find circulars this size?  Good thing I’m happy to work with these.

Recently read:

Not much.  I’ve been knitting more.  There’s always bedtime reading, but right now we seem to be reading some unremarkable books involving trucks and tractors.  Which reminds me of one of the better ones lately-

The Three Little Rigs, David Gordon.  I’m confused by a couple plot points, but not enough not to read it to the Kid on request. 

And much better- Olivia Saves the Circus.  We came to these late.  I love the pictures in these books!  One of my favorite pages is Olivia’s dad, “Don’t worry dear, we’ll buy you a new best toy” (approximate quote).  Her mother gives him such a look!  And the face has fairly simple lines.  That page sold me on the Olivia books.



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2 responses to “Why did this skein come home with me?

  1. Jane

    Gwen, I love these colors! They look like you are knitting for autumn . . . .

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