Summer Solstice in Oakland

A glorious long day of light!  The Kid asked after bathtime, “Is it still day?” and it still was.  Too bad I was a grouch.  A few things caught my attention driving around working.

A car painted deep cherry red, shiny, maybe sparkly, with extravagant rims.  Very pretty car.  Hanging off the back – silver balls.  No pretense what this car represents in the driver’s mind!  Proportions were a bit off though.

Speed trap on I580 East between Fruitvale and High St exits – a satisfying sight.

Two skirts.  A full skirt with good drape, in camoflage print, worn by a young woman walking with a friend.  A traditional Central American cotton skirt, black with thin blue stripes, worn by a mother walking with two small children.

A two year old’s grimace when he sees me arrive at the house – “medicine no!” And how quickly he forgives me.  A very cute kid.

And signing out my Kid from school in the afternoon, I used a red Cars pen with a red feather plume on top.  I wish there was more sparkly and feathery stuff for boys.  I wonder if the lack when they’re young induces more sparkly cars when they’re adults?

The knitting did not escape observation.  I noticed the mitten is a gauge swatch disguised as a mitten.  Time to find the 1.5 mm DPNs, and I hope they work.

A silly Kid story to end.  The Kid watches Flushed Away these days.  He told me Roddy would fly out his nose because he (the Kid) is a toilet and his head is full of sewer pipes.  Oh, the visuals!


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