New kid in the family!

Cottontail Bugs Bunny Pancho Peter Tazmanian Devil Mr Silly (a name or two added every day) we adopted from the Kid’s preschool. 

So far gentle, but not used to us yet.  We (my husband and himself) will be building a good home for this guy/gal.  S/he no longer has a cat bowl.  S/he found it insulting.  Vet appointment Thursday – we’ll know the right pronoun!  And promptly detach it.  (is that euphemism clear?)

More pictures to come!  Why yes, that is a threat.



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2 responses to “New kid in the family!

  1. Kmom

    The many- and long-named rabbit reminds me of Inca–the colorings. Not a whole lot, but… What a sweetie.

    Euphemism clear as a bell.

  2. laflaka

    I thought of Inca too.


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