So many plans, so few hands

Remember that one pound cone of laceweight a few posts back?  I’m in the depths of the beginning of a lovely large epic possibly neverending idea.

I have a good number of nieces, at least 10, mostly in Mexico (ages 2 years to 17 or so?).  And I’m a godmother a few times over, mostly to nieces.  I’m making each of them a lace shawl.  (Don’t worry.  They’re in a family that appreciates handwork.)

lace for nieces books

 I have a small pile of books, and a good list of bookmarked webpages.  I lent out Victorian Lace Today (Jane Sowerby), and now I’m sure the shawl I want to knit first can only be in that book. 

I think this will take me many years.  I’ll be thrilled if I finish two a year.  To do so, I must start.  With only one.  Don’t ask which niece I’ll give it too!  (by age? by godmotherness, then age? by who my husband sees first when he visits? finish them all first and in good time to give them to their granddaughters?)

Wish me luck.

face and grass

(I warned you.)


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One response to “So many plans, so few hands

  1. Kmom

    I don’t have the Victorian lace book, I promise!
    Now THAT looks like a very happy rabbit, sittin’ on the grass!!!

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