I am fulfilling my dooty.  Jury, that is.  No reading.  No knitting.  No sleeping.  The image of the courtroom and its occupants are indelibly etched in my mind, and I continuously review it.  (Those little brain mice running in circles!)  I’m in the jury pool.  Maybe Monday I’ll know I’m not on the jury (crossing fingers).  It’s a long process, selecting a jury.  Bad timing for work, but nothing foreseeable to reschedule ahead of time.  No, I’m not anymore special than any of my co-jurors!

I had to cast on something.  Everything I’m working on now is either DPNs, at a complicated point, or too bulky to carry around.  Or all of the above.  Or a victim of the County Fair.  So it’s a Baby Surprise Jacket (Elizabeth Zimmerman) in Rowan Felted Tweed (I think – I’m not looking for it just now).  I have some waiting around time – lunch, a few minutes waiting for the court session to start.

In other news:  We have a girl!  Rabbit.

Recently read:

Linda Lear, Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature.  Slowly being read.

And not much else, besides bedtime reading.  I’ve been knitting – a bit of this, a bit of that.  The Trekking socks lost some needles last weekend at the County Fair (grrrrrr).  To continue knitting, all I need to do is go upstairs and get some more, but now I have an incomplete set of 3.  Not much I can do with them, other than poke annoying people.

I seem to be a bit grouchy today?


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One response to “Dooty

  1. Kmom

    “Dooty?” I thought you were going to have a picture of rabbit droppings! Hmmm. Maybe you were making a bit of a commentary.

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