Tomten, Lace, and dead camera batteries

buttons Tomtem

I finished the second sleeve of the Tomten Jacket (I thought I took a picture to prove it, but…). Next: seaming the sleeves and knitting the front band. Now: weaving in ends. Many ends. I picked up these buttons today, without the sweater in hand. I think they’ll do. (Colour’s off this photo.) The baby girl was born Wednesday! Congratulations to Mom!

one leaf and trellis VLT

I was right. The first lace shawl is in Jane Sowerby’s Victorian Lace Today, large rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern with trellis border. Before casting on, I decided to add a repeat (43 st) of the central pattern. I may need to add another, or go up a needle size. I’ll decide after I knit more on this swatch and do a quick wet block. I have a feeling I’ll keep the needles (2.0 mm) and add a repeat. I don’t want stingy shawls for my nieces! The yarn feels lovely – soft and light.

In rabbit news: Her house is nearly finished. ETA: It’s finished enough. She’s moved in, with remodeling/additions planned. Photos when I change the camera batteries.

In Kid news: We’re recovering from a birthday party in Tilden Park, near the Merry-Go-Round (one of those old lovely wooden ones). Not a hectic party, but outside for hours, and the Kid doesn’t eat much at parties. Juice and cake, and lots of running. The kids found the water faucet and made a good puddle. The girls rescued the earthworms, and wanted to take them home.


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  1. Kmom

    Aaaaah. The shawl pattern is so lovely. And I am so jealous of you and your cloud-s0ft Whole Cone! I did a quick swatch of some sock yarn that I thought I’d make into a baby surprise jacket–washable wool with some nylon; one of those variegated things that makes an intricate pattern as you knit. Way too coarse for a baby. Fine for feet. Will make socks with it instead and start them on our trip to Green Banks, WV.

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