Tomten Jacket is Done

completed Tomtem

Washed, blocked, seamed, buttoned. True colour here. That’s a ladybug button under the Kid’s finger. When wet, superwash wool turns loosey-goosey. I scrunched the jacket down to size, and it dried just right, with that nice springy garter stitch feel.

Tomten Jacket, Elizabeth Zimmerman. Mostly Dale Baby Ull, knit on size 1 (2.5 mm) needles. Swatch gauge was 5.7 st/in, probably looser in the sweater.

I believe I’m now involved in The Case of the Missing Photos – dangerous investigation to figure out what I’ve done so photos disappear between the memory card and the computer when I’m copying. I must have clicked the dreaded “do not show dialog box again.” The photo that got away was better of course.

In less important news, today is week 2 of no garbage pick-up at our house. The lock-out continues by Waste Management, as far as I can tell. I don’t see garbage trucks out, I don’t see picked up cans. Garbage is piling up, mostly neatly, around the cans.

Thank you, Sid, for your kind mention in the Readers and writers blog. I had great fun watching the numbers rise! I hope you all have a good time looking around.



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2 responses to “Tomten Jacket is Done

  1. Nice Work. I like the colors.

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