Almost a robot, and a few things I’m not working on

Because he asked, and I promised:
Kid robot

Kid robot back

A robot, still missing head, arms, stuffing; and knit out of the Kid’s stash (pink, purple, “light” red)(Brown Sheep Naturespun, Lion Brand felting wool, Cascade 220).  He has a stash, because he tells me I have a lot of yarn and he only has a little.  Based on a pattern from Jess Hutch‘s booklet (sadly no longer available).

And to remind myself, I pulled a few things out of the corners of the house.  These are my stalled works in progress, besides a wrap in Misti Alpaca laceweight (black) hiding somewhere.  Whatever I’ve already shown here is a bit more active (coffee bean mittens, leaf and trellis shawl, baby surprise sweater, Night Kitchen socks – I think that’s all).
little guy and little mitten

One mitten, no thumb, missed the plane to Dulaan.  An odd fellow from Jess Hutch’s booklet needs less than one hour of work.

Linen and cotton, both meant to be hand towels.


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