I’m prepared for months and years

If only I had time enough…

Bee Fields Shawl

Antique Lace

Queen of the Waves

These and a few more patterns, and a book or two, are on their way to my front porch.  I have so few projects to work on…  (I’m so silly!)

Too bad I have to work to pay for the yarn.  And the house.  And food.



Filed under Greedy Me, Knitting and more knitting

2 responses to “I’m prepared for months and years

  1. Oh, my. . . . All three are gorgeous. I think my fate is to learn to knit lace. Gotta get the bears finished first. . . . and the two sweaters. . . .and the cabled cap and scarf. . . .and figure out something to knit for my boss for Christmas. I hear lace calling my name!

  2. laflaka

    It’s funny how working on a little lace makes me want a little more. Especially after I went to Lacis and ogled the lace exhibit.

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