Never too many choices

Very Tired yesterday.  We had an unexpected, but delightful, and short family visit, which rearranged sleeping quarters Tuesday night.  Very Little Sleep.  Much better today.

I wandered around the house looking for bathtime knitting last night.  Almost continued swatching the lace shawl, but no.  I charted the name after dinner and I want to swatch it Now, but not last night.  Arms for the robot?  It’s stuffed and seamed, except for the arms, and already in use.  Baby Surprise?  Needs ripping back maybe 10 rows.  Gorgeous reds Manos de Uruguay brioche hat?  I didn’t feel like balling the skein.  Top down sweater?  Probably a rip and redo, and neckline decision, again.  Stalled Estonian mittens for my brother? Ha! 

I decided I wanted to work on something simple (no figuring anything out! no decisions!) that would show progress.  So I pulled out my night kitchen socks and knit happily away on the already started second sock.  Oops, I forgot I was doing leg shaping.  I forgot the last time I picked it up, too.  So, rip back and pick up stitches and redo.  I knit beyond where I started, so Progress!

And this is why it’s good to have many projects.


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