A good busy weekend

Oh, the fun we’ve had! 

spaceman back

Friday night, the Kid and his friend made themselves into spacemen.  That would be the oxygen drawn on the tank.  Cut out of the photo is the red yarn hanging from his ear – every spaceman needs a radio!  So hard to find string in this house…

Granddad was here briefly.  Saturday, after the unexpected visit from the Richmond cousins, we ate chocolate in Rockridge (yum, Bittersweet!), then picked up samosas and chapati and chicken tikka masala and chicken vindalu and chai and a mango lassi at Sartaj in Sausalito and had a picnic lunch on Rodeo Beach at Fort Kronkhite (Marin Headlands).  We walked along the coastal trail for a bit.   Rodeo Beach is la playa fria in our house, but it was nicely warm – sunny, windy, didn’t need a jacket walking.  We went home through San Francisco, just for fun, very much meandering.  In the evening we went to Chabot Space and Science Center – Fridays and Saturdays, dusk to 10:30 pm, the telescopes are open for the public and pointed at something interesting.  I didn’t know this until yesterday.  It was wonderful!  The sunny day turned to a not too cool evening with clear skies.  Of course, we’re in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, so there’s plenty of light pollution.

Today we went to the Oakland Zoo with a friend.  It was too hot and too full, but pretty nice anyways.  Now I’m ready for bed.  Too early?

In parting, I leave you with evidence the night kitchen socks are happening, and the robot is, well, almost doner.  I think I’ve got a finished arm lying around somewhere (knit body parts!) and another started.

robot and night kitchen socks


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One response to “A good busy weekend

  1. Kmom

    The Night Kitchen socks are quite wonderful–more so every time they appear. Cheerful and sunny, just like the picture in the book.

    Great spaceman paraphernalia! Of course oxygen is blue!

    You’ve been running these last days–go to bed!

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