Starting over, again

The top-down sweater, mentioned here (I thought I had a picture – oops!) is ripped out and started again as a bottom-up raglan in the round.  Just in time for a three hour training this morning!  Kathmandu Aran, a lovely soft green with flecks of brown, blue, yellow.  The Kid whirled the skein winder while I ripped.  I imagine I’ll have a picture soon, but I make no promises!

This is the Kid’s take on our little car trouble Wednesday.

All that smoke was the car throwing up.  And the taller (shop/garage) is the car doctor!  And the grua (towtruck) is a car ambulance and took our car to the car doctor!  I was brave.

Recently (and not so) read:

Cornelia Funke, Inkheart is a great kid’s adventure/fantasy story, and reading is an integral part of it.  It’s a nice big book, the first of a series.  I haven’t read the second yet, because, well, I’m not sure, no reason really.  It’s a nice one to try when your Harry Potter withdrawal kicks in.

Jack Weatherford, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World is pretty much what it sounds like.  History/biography.  Fascinating story.  I’m working through it slowly, probably because it’s nonfiction. 

Kim Edwards, “Spring, Mountain, Sea” from The Secrets of a Fire King – stories.  Beautiful short story, so I bought the book. 


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