Green Day

Here’s a picture of the green sweater.  I’m into the waist shaping after my meeting yesterday. 

(Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility – luckily with good trainers.  We have some folks who work doing community stuff, who are good at meetings/trainings for us too.  Always interesting when it’s Public Health- wide and we’re mixed up with people we don’t know.  There are a whole lot of people who work in the Public Health Department, who do not work outside the office or with fieldworkers.  It’s good for all of us to mix up a bit.)

4.2 stitches per inch (if my gauge is still the same!) grows pretty quickly.

green sweater and yarn pasta

Yarn Pasta!

yarn pasta

Yarn from Wooly Wonka Fibers for the Bee Fields Shawl.  Beautiful colours, soft yarn, lovely pattern (and Anne’s working on a rectangular version!).  But I really should be working on my niece’s shawl if I’m working on a shawl or lace…

wooly wonka fibers tupelo gold for bee fields shawl

Which may be why I’m working on a sweater.

The Kid wants me to write Speedy Gonzalez.  Done.



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2 responses to “Green Day

  1. Kmom

    OOh! Can’t wait for my Wooly Wonka kit to arrive! Yours is such pretty colors.

    Who is Speedy Gonzalez? Friend of Kid?

  2. laflaka

    The Kid is Speedy Gonzalez, sometimes.

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