Yep, it’s hot

Birmingham in August.

It’s very green.   Not as suffocatingly green as usual, because it’s droughty this year.  Overcast, but not cool. 

We had a good time wandering around Homewood Saturday.  Walking!  In 90+F heat and just a little humidity.  Lunch.  Toy store.  New sandals that fit the Kid.  Yarn store.  We made it a few minutes before they closed – enough time to put together the Kid’s Playmobil boat, pick up some Sea Silk,

 sea silk

and make a half-minute decision to get a lovely little walnut spindle. 

Ooh!  Mom just tossed a bag of roving at me!  From our previous life as sheep farmers, fresh out of 20 years in the freezer. 
20 year roving

 Okay, I’m off to play now!


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