Alabama in August is for… Knitting?

baby surprise jacket

I’m nearly done with the Baby Surprise Jacket in Rowan Felted Tweed (into second ball).

green sweater almost one sleeve

My green sweater in Kathmandu Aran is almost to the armholes armscyes and a Sleeve! is nearly done.  I have high hopes I’ll finish the second sleeve flying home.  (More 20 year old roving hides underneath the sweater, fearful I’ll attempt spindling soon.)

fleece artist sock yarns

We went back to the yarn store – I felt the lack of Fleece Artist sock yarn in the stash.  Now I have a skein of sea wool and one of merino sock yarn.

I know today is Thursday.  I know it’s early August.  But, alleluia, I do not know the date! 

Work worries are quietly pervasive.  I have a small, irrational, midnight fear that something will come up that reveals to all my basic ineptitude.  And I feel this after nearly a week without working!  I have a much more rational, and infinitely more substantial, dread of what urgencies wait my return.  So far I’ve resisted the urge to check voicemail and email.  Despite the acrobatics of the hyper work gerbil part of my mind, –

– Alabama in August is restful.  The cooler (ha!) days are too humid to move outside.  The hotter days are, well, too hot to move outside.  (Cooler = 94F.  Hotter = 102F.)(I need a handy C to F converter.)  I’m not in touch with old friends here, so I can stay at home without guilt.  Besides the heat, there aren’t so many Must Visit places around Birmingham as around the SF Bay Area, at least for us.  More reason to stay in the air conditioning.

The Kid has toys all over the house, mostly picked up at bedtime, and used all day.  We swim in the neighbor’s pool every evening – the Kid is more comfortable in the water every day.  Mom is off work this week and we knit – several projects each.  We’re reading Georgette Heyer, The Grand Sophy to each other.  The Kid plays rhyming games with us – his definition of rhyme is expansive.   We corrupt nursery rhymes.

There was a little boy who ate his shoe

and the stinking dirty sock too.

Or this one:

There was a little piggy who ate a shoe

and a box!

If Dad gets back from work soon, and the sky is good, we might look at Jupiter tonight.



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2 responses to “Alabama in August is for… Knitting?

  1. I really like the skein with burganday and raspberry shades….good choice.

  2. Girl, if you can knit wool in Alabama in August you deserve a trophy! I’m working on a 50/50 wool silk blend in the Bay Area in airconditioning and it’s about to get to me!

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