Last day in Alabama

night kitchen socks almost a pair

We finished reading Georgette Heyer, The Grand Sophy this morning, and I’m nearly to the toe on my night kitchen socks, despite the disruptive laughing fits.  Of course, the other sock is slightly short, still, after ripping out the toe once already.  I’ll do it again.  Maybe.  But this one I refuse to finish too short!

green sweater arm gusset

The green sweater is kicking along.  After pulling it carefully on, with help from Mom to keep it on the needles (an extra circular added so I could try it on), I decided it wasn’t to the armscye quite yet.  Needed another inch and a half or so.  So I took the opportunity to add underarm gussets, in reverse stockinette so they recede nicely.  They’ll be as wide as they are when I reach the sleeve attach point.  I’ll be happy to have the wiggle room, especially on the sleeves.  If I’m lucky, I’ll finish this part of the body, and get the first sleeve to the attaching point, so I can work on the second sleeve on the plane tomorrow with the first for reference.  I could start the second sleeve and just knit it to the same place as the first – nearly done but not quite.  That will work too.

Mom's happy hippy soy silk

And for fun, a picture of Mom’s spinning – Happy Hippie soy silk from Conjoined Creations.  To be plied together.  Bits of soy fluff can be found all over the house – almost as bad as cat hair!
Mom's baby surprise jacket Cherry Tree Hill

And Mom’s most recent Baby Surprise Jacket, knit in Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.

Last day to swim.  Time to gather everything up and see how big a suitcase I need to borrow – three or four balls of roving, a winter jacket, some rain gear, a kite, more toys and books, a little extra yarn…


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One response to “Last day in Alabama

  1. Jane

    Your socks are wonderful! I must get mine cast on pronto. How lovely of you to bring me that yarn.

    It was SO good to have knitting/visiting/yarn examining/Kid rhyming time with you and your mom. Time to treasure.

    I am up in Guntersville until Wednesday AM, looking out at the lake, knitting, dunking myself in the swimming pool quite frequently.

    Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading (and sometimes commenting)!


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