Home again, home again Zippity Doo

green sweater second sleeve half

If you’re interested, we had no problems flying home Monday.  I did no knitting on the plane, even though I had the green sweater sleeve and the baby surprise jacket to work on.  

Yesterday I started the second sleeve of the green sweater (Kathmandu Aran), and I’m almost to the last increase.  I finished the first sleeve in Alabama.  I decided to put the sleeve gusset opposite the increases, so the increases and the neat angle of stitches will run up the outside of the sleeve.  I anticipate joining it all together this weekend.  Maybe.  I wonder what kind of neck I’ll do?  And what bottom edge?

I’m off to hang up clothes, wash the dishes, and try to coordinate my errands so I’m not running from one end of town to the other and back again.  Tomorrow I’m back to work.  The Kid had his first day back to preschool today.  We had a good morning, until it was suddenly hard about 20 minutes before we left the house.  He says it’s because he wanted to put together the green dinosaur.  I say it’s because it’s hard to adjust to school again, when it’s so much more fun to hang out with me all day (nothing more fun than poking and teasing Mom!).  I think we’re both right. 

Poor kid had a dentist appointment yesterday, and behaved very well.  I think I need a treat too!  As I suffered the guilt of not keeping my child’s teeth perfectly healthy and clean, I sympathized with the dentist who sees the same path we’re on all the time and knows where it leads.  Cavities!  Lots of big horrible cavities!  As it is, the Kid has little teeny tiny ones starting in the enamel.  Time to floss consistently.  I’m in the same position as the dentist with many of my patients.  I see how they’re not taking care of themselves, and I know where they’ll be, sooner or later.  Good dental office – they’re very experienced working with kids.  They treat them kindly and respectfully.  The dentist has not lectured me yet, but has always given me pertinent information to deal with the situation at hand.

Chores!  Errands!  I must be off!


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  1. Kmom

    Thank you for this posting–and for blogging. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what you told me on the phone today–at least not the details. Jane helped me out, since she’d read the most recent post. We knitted at the mall (Brookwood, newly-updated and now pretty darn classy), of all places, this evening with 3 other like-minded and interesting women. Looks like this will become a weekly event.
    Happy flossing!

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