Farming the Back Yard

Today we’re adding chickens to the farm out back.  My husband started the chicken house.  I wonder if he knows it’s not done yet?  Or maybe he’ll give up one of his sheds for a luxurious coop?
The Arm on the chicken house

What’s that Thing on top?!  That, my friends, is The Arm.  I dreamed it up in Alabama, after arguing in the wee hours with the not so wee Kid about him sleeping on my arm.  The Kid chose the fabric and my mom made it up.  It’s horrendously wonderful.  I’m not sure the Kid likes it.  The Arm likes to climb the lemon tree.
The Arm

The rabbit hopes the new neighbors aren’t noisy gossips, but speculation abounds.  She’s been talking with The Arm.
Hello Rabbit

The morning glories on the side of the house are a happy sight.  I seem to be using the drought as an excuse not to water outside plants and it’s nice to see something not drying out.
morning glory

Inside the house, I made brown cupcakes yesterday, and put them on a brown plate.  The Kid had a graduation potluck picnic for preschool. 
brown  cupcakes

 Woops!  Time to pick up chickens!



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2 responses to “Farming the Back Yard

  1. I love chickens! You are going to have to blog about them now. They are the funniest birds, especially when a hen has chicks.

  2. Kmom

    How’d the icing work out? Pretty sprinkles!
    Oooh, the hand looks sooo spoooooky! And quite gorgeous, I might add.

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