I have a question for you.  If I’m knitting a sweater basically from Elizabeth’s Percentage System, and I add underarm gussets (because they seemed nice), 8-12% of what number do I hold for the underarms?  I thought.  I pondered.  I looked it up (couldn’t find EPS and underarm gussets together – there may be a good reason for this).  I spent a lot of time with kids.  So I held out 14 stitches at the appropriate places (n = 150) and united the sweater.  I knit one round, put it down and tried to sleep.  I’m taking it out.  N could be stitches total on the body just below underarm and the gussets are 8 stitches extra each gusset.  So I’ll do 150 + 16 for n, then 8-12% (13.28 – 19.92 stitches) for underarms.  I think.  Maybe I’ll think about it another night.  Such brilliant ideas I have when I’d much rather be asleep!

Strange thing happened today.  I was stopped on Foothill, and suddenly realized a large shadow had just passed quickly over.  Large and fast, like if I was a field mouse and a hawk flew over.  No, it wasn’t a cloud blowing by. 

Farm news: no chickens yet.  We drove up to Richmond, but la senora said the hens were malas – sick? old? who knows?  We didn’t see them.  And the Purina (I heard it as Pollina – hee!) was closed – rumour has it chickens are sold there.  The suspense!

Other wildlife: Spiderweb with a big busy spider in the middle of it off the walk into preschool this morning.  Still there this afternoon.  Also, six more spiderwebs, with spiders hanging over the walk, I noticed on the way out. 



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3 responses to “Unite!

  1. Kmom

    A bird! A cloud! No, Superperson!!! Can’t stand the mystery of it. An airplane not overhead but blocking the sun? A very fast eclipse? ? ? ?

  2. Ack! Your math made my head hurt. But I’ve never put underarm gussets in a sweater. I’ve got one going in the round now that would probably benefit from them.

    Isn’t there a feed store in the area? They would know where to buy chickens. Try out toward Oakley. I’ll bet you could find chickens there. Chickens in Richmond? You are braver than I am, girlfriend.

  3. laflaka

    I have no idea what that shadow was. I didn’t hear it at all. Any ideas?

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