Las mangas unidas jamas seran vencidas*

Unless they’re on the green sweater of course.  I tinked back the uniting round, left sleeves and all on the needles, then got out the calculator while I was on hold (on the phone – work, you know).  The numbers were just fine, and I certainly haven’t knit the yoke far enough to be able to tell if a problem exists.  So, they’ve been divided, when they should continue united. 

One of the local yarn stores, Knitting Basket, in Montclair, is sadly going out of business.  I admit I’ve been there only once before – Montclair is really out of my normal run-around area.  Pretty store, good selection.  Now that we’ve got friends nearby, the store is closing.  But not without discounts!  I took advantage.  (Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Koigu KPPM, Habu Bamboo, Colinette Jitterbug) (and a couple books)  I’d love to show off the haul, but something odd is happening between the camera and the computer.  The computer is reading pictures I took and deleted off the memory card last weekend, not the ones I took today.  

Things are making me cranky.

Grump.  Grumble.

Maybe I should go knit a green sweater.

Or start some orchid lace mitts with Habu cashmere I got on sale at ArticlePract a while ago.

I’m feeling more cheerful already!

*The sleeves united will never be divided.  El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido (the people united will never be divided).



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2 responses to “Las mangas unidas jamas seran vencidas*

  1. Jane


    The yarn for which I’m searching (to finish Charles’ socks) is Trekking XXL, color 69. Next time you’re in any of your yarn stores that carry Trekking would you look for that color for me? It’s browns, mostly dark, with very subtle green striping. I need one skein.

    Wish you were here to join us for Wednesday evening Knit Nights this year — we’re having fun!


  2. Kmom

    Sorry about Knitting Basket, but glad you were able to go by. Looking forward to pics of the haul.

    Wed. night knitting IS fun, as Jane has said. We get to listen to horrific (and hilarious in their horrific-ness and past-tense-ness) stories of Personal Difficult Times. One of the 5 of us is quite the storyteller. We got tired of the hard metal chairs so scoped out a grouping of leather easy chairs and sofas that we may use next time. Will have to move some around to have enough seats for all of us (which will ruin their carefully graceful placement). I wonder how long it will take the mall police to come and chastise us. We are SO threatening, you know!

    I confess, I am thoroughly confused about your united/never divided sleeves. Kind of hoped that once you got the calculator out, all would be happily solved. Sounds like it’s not. And perhaps the united sleeves that will never be divided will have to be divided in order to be properly united after all. Hmmm. In any case, TU jamas seras vencida pos las mangas. Sweet dreams.

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