What did I mean about those gussets, anyway? And what did I do?

My problem with the sleeves:  N is total stitches for body.  When the sleeves are united to the body, hold out 8-12% N for underarm on sleeves, and body both sides. The gussets I added confused things.  Did I need to add the extra gusset stitches to N?  Did I ignore the gusset stitches when figuring 8-12% N, but include them when counting how many stitches held out or not include their count when holding out?  In other words, say I ignore gusset stitches and do not add them to N, work my math and get my 8-12%N.  The gusset stitches are going to be held out because they’re at the underarm.  But, do I count those 8 extra stitches as I’m counting out 8-12%N or do I hold them out and then add 8-12%N stitches?  It’s a difference of 8 stitches on each sleeve and at each side of the body.  That turned out to be the actual problem, not soluble with a calculator. 

I made a decision, of sorts, and have continued on into the raglan decreases.  We’ll see how it ends up.  My decision was based on thinking about the purpose of underarm gussets – to add extra, ‘secret’ room at the underarm for ease of movement and getting in and out of sleeves.  So I did not add gusset stitches to N when working out the percentages, then held out the gusset stitches for underarm plus the 8-12%N.  Off hand, I don’t remember what the actual numbers are.

As of Sunday night, I almost finished the neck.  Then I woke up Monday morning and decided I need to rip back and redo the neck.  It’s too tight, too close – not good for layering.  Last night, I ripped and restarted.  I hope I remember what I’m doing when I pick it up again!

After taking pictures this weekend (the Kid as photographer, me in the mirror with my growing green sweater), I can’t find the camera.  And yesterday was the Kid’s First Day of Kindergarten!  Oh well – First Day photos are so overdone…

I’m exhausted this week, and today is only Tuesday.  Big life transitions (or “starting Kindergarten”) tire a person out.  That person would be me, the mom.  Funny how the Kid has loads of energy, even more than usual, and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Is he an energy-sucker?  Is that one of many definitions of child?

Can I have vacation again?  Now, please?



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2 responses to “What did I mean about those gussets, anyway? And what did I do?

  1. Oh my. Your level of knitting and math is so over my head I am drowning. I will stick with hand puppets.

    FYI. I have just “tagged” you. Check it out on my latest blog.

  2. I agree. The gusset thing is still giving me a headache. We missed you last Saturday.

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