Where, oh where, has my camera gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?

(With it’s tail cut short, and it’s ears cut long…)

We’ve reached Friday of the First Week of Kindergarten!  Hurrah!  Not that we’ve finished Friday quite yet…

It’s been much, much too hot to knit a sweater.  We have no air conditioning at home in Oakland, so near 100F (and don’t tell me the real temp, because I don’t want to know) is truly not amenable to a wool sweater on my lap.  Especially after driving all over Oakland all day in the sun for work.

But!  I’ve finished a thing or two!

The Night Kitchen Socks (Trekking XXL) are done and the length of both socks is fixed!  They are now sitting at work for the very cold air conditioned afternoons in the office.  (Too bad I can’t work on my sweater there.)

The Kid’s robot is complete, legs and arms and all.  (It only needed 1 arm finished, stuffed, and sewn on.  Took me about 30 minutes, if that.)

And now I’ve started another pair of socks.  Fleece Artist SeaWool, the bordello pattern on the label.  I ripped it out last night, because I need to add a few stitches – easily done in this pattern.  I’m using 1.75 mm (00) as usual, and no, I’m not going up a needle size.  I like my socks with a nice, tight gauge. 

If only I could find that camera…  I’m sure I put it in a nice safe place, but it’s a different safe place than usual.  Or the Kid put it in a nice safe place for me.

For today, The End.


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One response to “Where, oh where, has my camera gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?

  1. suburose

    I have tagged you as part of Blog Day 2007 (http://www.blogday.org/).

    Happy Blogging!

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