strawberry jam, lunch today, eggs!

I made jam and chocolate sauce for the Kid’s preschool/childcare teachers. Last day ever for him was Friday 9-7-07.  Jam is better described as sauce.  Tastes good!
strawberry jam

I made lemon cake for the kids, by request from the Kid.  He said he didn’t like it so much.

I ate a good lunch today.  Peanut butter, melty dark chocolate and marshmallows, on whole wheat bread so it’s healthy. 

We’ve had three days of 1 egg each!  My husband broke one (se cayo – and isn’t that passive grammar different!) and ate two. 

Mom is visiting – hurrah!  And I’m tired, exhausted, stressed – I want to run away from work!  Mostly the paperwork.  Which I’m not doing just this minute.

I’m knitting of course.  I’ve started and restarted and swatched a few things and ripped back some more of the green sweater.  I think I’d do better with it if I knew what I wanted the neck to look like!

We’re going on a Knitting Retreat this weekend.  Hurrah Again!



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4 responses to “strawberry jam, lunch today, eggs!

  1. Jane

    I am already thinking about y’all together there in Oakland, and will be mentally in California with you a big chunk of the weekend. Have a great time up there on Tomales Bay!!

  2. laflaka

    Thank you! And we miss you.

  3. Dang! I want one of them healthy sandwiches…no fair.
    did you use the “special” chocolate?

  4. Have a wonderful time! The jam looks delicious, too.

    I thought Skein Lane had closed. What are they doing these days?

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