Green Sweater Fit Test

A few weeks ago, I tried on the green sweater in Kathmandu Aran. Looks pretty good in the mirror shot – nice height up the back of the neck, good fit. I like the fabric I’m getting.
green sweater Kathmandu Aran fitting

The Kid took the camera from me and here is one of his pictures, well cropped I might add. Comfy pajama pants. The neck in front is too close, and generally, the neck all around is too close for what I think I’m doing here.  But otherwise, pretty good.  Yes, I plan on adding length to the sleeves and body later – they’re all started with a provisional cast-on.
green sweater Kathmandu Aran fitting2
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve ripped back at least twice.  Good news – the yarn holds up well.  Bad news – I’m still not sure what I want for the neck.  Maybe I’ll recognize it once I’ve knit it?  I could be at this a while longer…   The sweater certainly won’t be ready to wear this weekend in Tomales Bay.

Probably a funnel neck, not too wide, not too close, hemmed with a sportwt chocolate coloured yarn, and hemmed finish for the sleeves and body with same. 

Ripping builds character.  This is my first adult sweater.  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Green Sweater Fit Test

  1. It looks like you are doing a good job.

  2. Its beautiful! Wow. Very impressive. Hope you are having a relaxing and wonderful knitting weekend!

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