Good Times

Last weekend, Mom and I went to Marshall CA, on the east side of Tomales Bay, for the Skein Lane Knitting Retreat with Chris Bylsma.

We steeked (or stucked?).
armhole steek1

armhole steek2

We hiked from rooms, to dining hall, to class through a beautiful place.
beautiful place

We saw wildlife.
deer were here

Chris is a wonderful instructor and very funny and warm.  Carolyn is a marvelous hostess – very good at making us all feel comfortable and special.  A large group of knitters tends towards hilarity and buys a lot of yarn if given half a chance.  We’re going again next year.  And the year after, and 2010 too.  Just try to stop us!

During the week before we left, abuela and the Kid played hide and seek. Here’s one of the funnier hiding places.
hide and seek

And one night, the Kid said, “Put on my pants!”  So I did.  (He took the picture.)(Which I should have cropped.)
Put on my pants



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3 responses to “Good Times

  1. kmom

    Oooh, good pictures! And the steek looks so neat! Mine is all raggedy.

  2. laflaka

    Yeah, but that’s before it’s been messed with. It’s a freshly cut steek!

  3. I’m glad you had a good time. Now I want to go next year too. I’ve never been to a knitting retreat or camp.

    Steeks are scary. You are a brave woman.

    Keep it up an you will make a photographer out of the Kid yet.

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