Cabled mitts

Maybe Tuesday last week, I spoke briefly with a friend of mine.  We were comparing our schedules and finding out we’d actually be at the same place at the same time Sunday!  Then she mentioned they’re celebrating her husband’s birthday Saturday.  They’re both my very good friends, even if I haven’t had a chance to hang out with them in ages (you know, how  minutes feel to a 5 year old).  I’ve  been meaning to knit him some fingerless gloves for even more ages, since he steals the ones I made for her.  They have a cold house and they both do a lot of work from home.  It will be a late birthday present, but I think it will be a good one.
cable C mitts

I’m using Cascade 220, heathered colour #9459.  The cable is the Pretzel Braid from Barbara Walker’s Third Treasury.  I won’t mention the variations I’ve made.  You’ll never know!  Ha!Ha!Ha!

Here’s a view of the thumb gusset.  I’m doing a backwards loop Make 1 before and after a central stitch every other row.  It seems to be working nicely.  I think this photo has slightly truer colour.  The yarn itself looks greenish during the day and browner at night in artificial light.  I don’t actually know what colour it is.  Sure is good though!
thumb gusset C mitts

I read Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey the other day.  Such a silly book!  And thoroughly enjoyable.  And even moral.  The book ends

I leave it to be settled by whomsoever it may concern, whether the tendency of this work be altogether to recommend parental tyranny, or reward filial disobedience.

Quite a while ago, I read Jackie Susann, Every Night, Josephine, which is a sweetly funny book.  It’s the only thing I’ve read by her.  According to the friend who lent it to me, this is her only book with any sweetness to it.  I’m glad it’s the memoir-type book that’s sweet.  (It’s possible I don’t have the author or the title quite right.  The book has been in the car for more ages, waiting to be returned.)


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  1. Kmom

    I want to make those mitts! With that gusset! The cable looks odd–will have to study it.

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