I have knitting in my bag

but I’m not pulling it out.   Work is kicking my butts, all of them.  So much charting and closing to catch up!  I feel inadequate and dismal, not up to the necessary work.  Why, yes, I am scared of hard work.

But who wants to hear it?  Certainly not me!  I’d rather read something.  Too bad reading cuts into my responsible parent time.

Recently read:

Smoke and Mirrors, mostly short stories by Neil Gaiman.  And he has another set of shorts out in paperback, I think I remember from my favorite bookstore’s email newsletter, and I should not get it today or I won’t vacuum the bathroom or fix dinner for the Kid. 

Never Deceive a Duke by Liz Carlyle.  Not badly written, but more modern in its relationships (Oh, I just told you all the sexual horrors of my past, which you, as a female, should never have heard!) and language.  I suppose it’s Regency?  Not Georgette Heyer, but good enough I may read another one.  Ignore the title – nothing to do with the story, except the hero is, in fact, a duke.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin was also decent.  I was a little fatigued with the first person narrative and worrying/not worrying about the relationship, but overall pretty good.  I might get the next one in the series (Something Blue).  I suppose this one’s chick lit, if you judge by the cover, but not one obsessed with clothes and shoes and bags thank goodness.

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson, YA.  Very good.  Not cheerful at all (which is what I was looking for in this group of books and didn’t find) and very good.  High school, growing up.  I’ll be getting others by her, especially Speak, which I’ve heard mentioned.

Luan of Laurel Books has threatened to make me read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  She’s usually right and I suppose I’ll do it one of these days.  No reason I haven’t, other than this annoying trait I have: push me and I dig in my heels, especially if everybody else is doing it.  Very silly when it comes to books recommended by somebody who knows what I read.

Okay, I feel better now.  I’m off to do my paid work.  Happy Reading to you.


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