Stars, a hat, a jacket

The baby hat I made this week, in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  I’m afraid the ends will snake out, but I already gave it to Baby L.  The Kid wants one in red.
hat for L

And the Baby Surprise Jacket, in Rowan Felted Tweed, with two out of five buttons sewn on.  I’m sewing them on very slowly, but it doesn’t have a recipient yet, so no matter.  The buttons are recycled rubber buttons I bought at Knit Nouveau when I visited Birmingham.
BSJ tweed 2 buttons

Last Friday, the Kid and I went to Chabot.  Most of the inside was closed as they prepared for some event the next day, but we had a great visit.  We felt the season change, in the chilled night air.  It feels different than the summer’s chilled night air – less foggy, maybe.  Only a few people were out, so we barely waited at all at the telescopes.  As always, we looked at the globular cluster, the ring nebula, and Jupiter.  Pure lucky timing – we watched the International Space Station go by and disappear into the earth’s shadow.  Our sky is crowded, but we can still see the stars.  We see very few from our house – we’re right in the middle of Oakland, out of the shelter of the light-blocking hills.  We’re lucky we can drive ten minutes up and into the hills to Chabot and watch a beautiful night sky.  And the telescope viewings are free Fridays and Saturdays. 


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  1. OK. I want the pattern or whatever you did for that cute baby hat. I am frustrated with my wilting baby hat in stockinette. Knitting should be fun but I hear bad language on the horizon.

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