The green sweater slowly

I ripped partway out the raglan shaping (and all the neck) and knit back up.  A while ago.
green sweater neck redo

I knit a neck, with a hem. I’m not completely happy, but hey, it’s the first sweater I’ve made for an adult! (I don’t care how small the adult, I’m still an adult) And it’s plenty good enough. I won’t even tell you what bothers me.
green sweater neck

I grafted one underarm. It’s okay, and good enough, especially in this Kathmandu Aran. Disguises things nicely.  Yes, those are holes.  I’ll tidy them up later.
green sweater first graft underarm

I think I figured out the grafting for the second underarm. This one is much better and it was easier. Who knows if you can tell?  This has holes, too, just hidden by the photo angle.
green sweater second graft

And now I’ve knit down more length on one sleeve, and I’m working on it’s hem. Next, the second! Then, length to the body! Oh Yeah!

I may finish this before the end of the year.



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2 responses to “The green sweater slowly

  1. Kmom

    Hurray! And it looks good on, too, even if the neck/shoulders aren’t quite all there in the top pic. I’m turning green.

  2. Yeah! Its looking fantastic. Very impressive and the color is beautiful. You might be done sooner than you think….what will you do with your time?

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