Future Careers

No, I don’t ask the Kid.  He volunteers the information.  And I’d like it written somewhere, so I’m less likely to forget.

The potential future careers of the Kid:

Pilot who flies at night

Worker in a landfill driving a dumptruck

And I know I’ve already forgotten some earlier ideas.  I wonder why he doesn’t want to be a nurse?

As for the green sweater – I’m ambivalent about the fit below the waist.  It’s not as good as it could be.  But I think I’ll press on and finish it as is and see what happens with blocking and wearing.  I’m ready to start the hem lining.  And I’ve been too grouchy and busy to do it.

In farm news:  The three chickens lay two lovely brown eggs a day, one smaller than the other.  Yum!  My husband has evil plans to catch one of the pigeons that visit outside the chicken house.  The Kid and I found evidence of natural homicide yesterday – a clump of feathers that clearly used to be a pigeon.  I don’t think my husband did it.

Why do I have ants up here next to the computer?  Have they started another incursion?  Maybe I shouldn’t put my brother in here when he visits this weekend.  They can have the cave instead!  (they = brother and girlfriend, not the ants)(I don’t willingly give up anything to the ants inside this house.  They already have their own underground city under this part of Oakland.)


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