The Mittens Are Back!

Not that I’ve actually worked on them (scroll down).  They’ve been hibernating, oh, a while.  My brother visited this last week, and he pulled it on (since it is only one partial mitten, not plural as I seem to think) and the thing is not too big!  Ta Da!  I knew there was a reason they were hibernating, instead of ripped or turned into a swatch.  (Ick – so much passivity in that sentence.)

Now the green sweater has a turn in time out.  I need to rip back the hem and up the body a ways and reknit with unused yarn (I have a whole, untouched skein still), and redo the hem the way I shoulda dunnit the first time around.  You know – the way I did the neck and sleeve hems – without adding any extra stitches to make up for skinnier yarn.

I won’t leave it for months.  I’d like to wear it this winter.


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