The Dark Times

We’re in the Darks.  The Kid asked me today why I picked him up so late.  It feels late when BART goes by with all the interior lights on.  Maybe this will translate into an earlier bedtime?  I always feel tired much earlier this time of year.

Even so, I made dinner!  Hurrah for me!  I know, I know.  What were we eating before?  I’ll answer that – food.  Whatever came to hand.  We’ve got difficult dinner schedules in our family.  My husband eats twice.  Lunch and dinner immediately when he gets home from work.  And he nearly always gets home before me.  So he fixes something for himself, and often something for the Kid if he picked him up, and I get home and fix something else for me.  Not conducive to the Family Dinner.  You know, there’s research about that:  the family that eats together is happier and healthier.  And I ain’t kidding.  I can even do a case study on us – when we sit down together, we’re happier with each other.  Can’t extrapolate much from one case study, but…

That there was a tangent.  I’m a good, sometimes even great, baker and dessert and breakfast maker.  Cooking, of actual dinners, is much harder for me to do.  (Especially if one third to one half of the family already ate before I got home.  But we already knew that.)

When my brother visited from Colorado, he brought pieces of the half cow he has in his freezer to share with us.  Yes, it’s already butchered.  He doesn’t have to walk into his little kitchen freezer and chop pieces off a frozen animal.  By the way, we’re not vegetarian.  We’re solidly omnivores.

So we had steak.  Poor husband – he looked at the two not large pieces of meat in the pan and wondered if it was enough food.  And chard cooked with onions and without forethought soused with the last inch or so of Two Buck Chuck sitting on the counter.  And leftover roasted squash.  And garlicked/herbed/buttered bread.  And it was easy!  And almost fast!  And more than enough!  And now I have dishes to wash!  But I would anyway. 

And I have enough for lunch tomorrow.  Aaah.

I need to do this more often.  (ask me what I think after washing the dishes and how come somebody else isn’t doing it?  Didn’t I wash them yesterday? Harrumph.  Not my idea to paint the house and get all tired.)  (That wasn’t me painting, and he’s not done yet.  He keeps having to go to work instead of staying home and painting all week.)

The Dark Times can be cozy, homey times.  Sometimes depressing, but I like them now, before the rains start, and I’m still anticipating holidays and planning grand things like dinner.  Rain I like too, but when I can be lazy and cozy inside.  Tea, coffee, chocolate, something warm and not too sweet just out of the oven.  Oh, yes!  And knitting.


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