Mitten Photo

brother mitten past thumb

See! The mitten is bigger than the last photo you’ve seen!

The unflashed pictures were too unfocused even for me to tolerate. And soon, I’ll only be able to get photos on weekends, if it’s not raining. The seasons, they truly turn. (I live somewhere people have trouble recognizing the seasons without snow in the winter and hot in the summer. We’ve got the wet/dry seasons, with a few daffodils now and maybe even all winter, and some trees turning, and green winter and brown summer. Hey! In Alabama we have brown winter and green summer! But with obvious, if short, spring and autumn.) But the light tells us when we are.


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One response to “Mitten Photo

  1. Ooh. Pretty. I like the mitten. I want the mitten. Can’t imagine making the mitten. Back to the shawl part #3.

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