The Library!

Such a cool place. I can read books without paying for them! I knew this before. We were great library users growing up, but I’m addicted to having my own books, so it was easy to forget.

I can reserve books online! They’ll email me when they come in to whichever branch I want! What ease!

I don’t get to look around much when I go with the Kid. He has no patience for me in a library. (He’s great in Laurel Bookstore, but that’s a small space, and pretty much like a home for us.)

We went Tuesday to the Dimond Branch.  Stories at 7 pm for the kiddos.  We don’t go often, but enough to know who the regulars are and feel comfortable ourselves.  This week, the Kid seemed to go for monster books, one by Mo Willems (and I’m too lazy to find the book to check the spelling) and very sweet and silly.  I got Terry Pratchett The Monstrous Regiment and stayed up too late to finish it.

Who needs sleep?



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3 responses to “The Library!

  1. The problem with libraries is that you have to give the books back! I don’t dare count up how much I spend on books a month. They know me well at Bay Books.

    I have a library card. If only I would use it. I haven’t found much at my local branch that is very
    appealing. Maybe I should go look again.

  2. kmom

    The Kid went for monster and you chose monstrous. Hmmm.

  3. laflaka

    So I did! And I never noticed.


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