A Little Guy

Little Guy A

This guy is a super easy knit. I make it a lot for birthday presents. I love Jess Hutchinson‘s toys! They’re so odd. And satisfying. The Kid has requested every toy in the booklet. (And I keep making things for other kids.)

This doesn’t use up yarn remnants very quickly though. This is some Regia sock yarn, so I didn’t even have ends to deal with for striping.

The birthday boy (2 years old!) smiled at it, then went on to play with louder, more exciting new toys. Speaking of: What’s up with the packaging? You need a full knife set and some strategically placed dynamite to extricate the toys. Not so safe at a birthday party.

And Saturday evening, I got to go to an adult birthday party! Unusual experience. We went to a restaurant and ate dinner and there were no kids. It was worth driving into Berkeley in the dark and the drizzle and looking for parking during a Cal football game. Quiet at the restaurant.


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