Knitting a Birthday Hat

So, last Saturday, I had two birthday things to do. One 2 year old, one adult. You saw the little guy I made, and in time.

I’ve had, for several ages, a skein of Manos del Uruguay in reds that I picked up thinking of my friend who celebrated Saturday evening. I planned on knitting a brioche stitch watchcap (Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knitting Without Tears), and I finally cast on Friday, without expecting to finish.

I don’t have the book handy. It’s at a friend’s house (knitting is viral, you know, and spreads partly through contamination with books). I’ve done this hat before (brioche stitch, knit flat, shaped, seamed), and often cast on too few stitches. So Friday I cast on a likely number and knit merrily along. I’m using circular #10 needles, maybe 12 or 16 inches long, so I can’t see the hat size without taking it off the needles. I was suspicious Saturday. It seemed a little big. But I wanted to make a nice, squooshy big cozy hat.

brioche scarf E (2)

It is big. About 26 inches big. It’s about half a scarf long.

In fact, I’m turning it into a scarf. I’ll bind off the long edge (on waste yarn now) and pick up on a short edge and knit back and forth brioche ribbing until I’m out of yarn. So about half will be latitudinal ribbing and about half will be longitudinal ribbing. Why should I rip out this perfectly nice knitting when I can work it into something good?

Good thing I’m willing to change my mind. This will be a lovely scarf.


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  1. kmom

    Ah ha! Perfectly good solution.

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