Cat’s Socks

New Pathways for Sock Knitters book one Cat Bordhi

I’ve been stalking this book at Article Pract, and relieved it hasn’t been there. Well, it was there on Friday. And I bought it. Fascinating, and it doesn’t make much sense just scanning the book. One of the patterns is Charlie’s Dragon Socks, done with the Coriolis architecture. Dragon tails off the back of the socks! Well, I have to make some for the Kid. He agrees – in red.

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn at 5 st/in. I’m using red Cascade 220 at about 6 st/in. Which means instead of following the specific pattern, I’m using the master pattern. I finished one sock, without dragon tail, Sunday night. As I knit, it looked big. The Kid thought so too.

Off the needles, it still looked big, especially across the arch. Here it is next to his too loose snake socks. Two views. Isn’t that a nice swirl up the foot? (the Kid set up the socks how he wanted them pictured)

dragon and snake socks (2)

side dragon and snake socks

He put it on.

side dragon on foot

It fits!

dragon sock on foot


You should have seen our faces. Surprise! Grin!

My measurements were good and the numbers worked. (Perfectly!)

Oh me of little faith.

Now to do the dragon tail. And the other sock.

By the way, the architecture makes some sense now I’ve done it once. After the second sock, I should be even closer to Coriolis enlightenment. I can’t wait to try a different one.


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