Tiding over

I spent a lot of my computer time Sunday adding another cubby of yarns to Ravelry. I’m excruciatingly honest – even the remnants are going in! But if it’s on the needles, even hibernating, it’s not. Probably because I can’t see it and I don’t know where it is.

I had a blast with books this week – a nice pile from my reserved list came in.

Jennifer Crusie – Crazy For You which was not lighthearted enough for me this week. Work is heavy and depressing and frustrating. I don’t need domestic violence in a romance. Faking It was much more what I needed – goofy! But what’s with the 2 weeks from first meeting to marriage proposal? And in contemporary times?

Georgette Heyer – The Quiet Gentleman is a mystery masquerading as Regency romance – there was suddenly a romantic turn at the end, but not a surprising one. Not one of my favorites, but still enjoyable. Penhallow is a more contemporary suspense. No romance. At all. No humour either. Heyer is very good with characters and their foibles. In this book, the personalities and relationships are very difficult. Not without some sympathies, but very difficult. A realistic ending, but certainly not happy. No happy in the beginning. No happy in the middle. No happy in the end. Well written, but see above about work and what I’m up for reading these days.

Mary Balogh – Slightly Scandalous and Slightly Wicked. Nice and easy to read. Nothing to take too seriously! And mostly unbelievable. Almost perfect for this week. And a couple more coming from the library.

The Kid’s school is doing a Million Minute Challenge. Too bad my minutes don’t count. I have to take a break from my reading to read with him. He brought home a few books he made at school – My Bb Book, My Ff Book, My Shapes, The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Such a kick to watch him read! He reads about 3 pages ahead of the page open in front of him! Hee!

I think he takes after his mom.



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5 responses to “Tiding over

  1. In regards to romance novels:
    I think I told you about my friend who met his girlfriend in July, was “in love” within two weeks, getting married in February (delayed only by yours truly). It can happen. Many throw caution to the wind (or to the hormones).

  2. I’m with you on that Crusie novel — I liked her others much better (have you read Fast Women?). Maybe it’s time for some Heyer again…

  3. Have you found Librarything through Ravelry? It’s a good place for those of us addicted to the printed word.

  4. Mardi

    Did you read Crusie’s In Her Shoes?? It’s the only one I have read but ai really liked it a lot.

  5. Mardi

    I made a mistake, it’s by Weiner, not Crusie. In any case, it’s good. Not a romance novel, more chick lit style.

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