Lucky One Skein Scarf

E scarf prime rib

As I may remember, this started as a hat.

A very large hat, knit flat in prime rib, or brioche stitch. Too large.

So after I took it off the needles to face up to reality (aka the measuring tape), I put it back on and cast off the former top and picked up the short edge (10 stitches picked up) and continued on in the same stitch, but at right angle.

I finished the skein of Manos del Uruguay.

Look at that! Sheer luck and I switched directions at exactly the half point! I couldn’t have done it if I’d tried. And those ends? That’s all that’s left, before weaving them in.

A Lucky Scarf. (Colour not at all accurate, due to impatience and early dark evenings.)


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One response to “Lucky One Skein Scarf

  1. Oh — I like that! It turned out really well — talk about serendipity 🙂

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